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鍾氏養雞場于1993年于南加卅創設美國分場, 秉持一往關心大家健康的理念, 以三代養雞累積的專業經驗,生產高品質,服務好的優良新鮮雞蛋,深得南加卅華人的口碑與認同.

感謝大家的鼓勵, 為更進一步答謝華人同胞,自2000年起,利用自產的肥,大規模栽種珍貴品種的台灣白玉苦瓜,台灣白肉絲瓜和台灣樧,肥沃土壤加上珍奇品種和無農藥的污染,粒粒肥美香甜,品質無懈可擊,上市以來,好評如潮,代表了無數口福與饗宴的心聲,向隅者甚至不惜堅持等待,熱情指名愛用鍾氏的產品...衷心感謝!

Quality and Freshness You Can Taste!

Since inception in 1993, Jong's Egg Ranch, Inc., is committed to providing the freshest and highest quality products to our consumers, and makes every effort to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Located in Southern California, the Jong family brings three generations of poultry production expertise to produce the finest egg products. In 2000, our business diversified into vegetable products, producing Taiwanese Bitter Melon, Taiwanese Okra, and Taiwanese Long Bean.

Today, the Jong's Egg Ranch brand is synonymous with high quality and freshness. Our family is committed to each of our customers by supplying the best and freshest egg and vegetable products at competitive prices. We want to thank our customers for your continued support over the years and in the years to come. We invite you to explore our website for product information and to discover great dishes for your family to enjoy Jong's products at our recipe page.

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